Janice Barnett Ministries, Inc. is a nonprofit, organization. We are empowering people  through multi-media and the arts impacting the lives of our youth. By creating affordable housing, and providing financial literacy, we offer alternatives to stabilize at risk low income families. We are dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness and creating homes for low to modest income families. Our company was founded on the conviction that every man, woman and child should have a simple, decent place to live in dignity and safety. All who desire to be a part of this work are welcome, regardless of religious preference or background. We have a policy of restoring with people in need regardless of race or religion.

Janice has had a lifetime as an entertainer in the arts. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame as "The Queen of Beach Music". She has also received three Cammy Awards for her solo performances and duets. In the 80’s Janice was a headliner for Disney Land and Disney World for 15 years

We welcome volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds. We are driven by the desire to give tangible expression to the love of God through the work of eliminating poverty, providing housing and teaching arts and media to our youth.